Curved Glass and Stainless Steel Wall Mount Canopy Smart Range Hood


✓ 4-Speed Voice & Geasture Control Lead Smart Kitchen

✓ Delay Shutdown & Timer Offers Auto Shut-off

✓ Convertible Design Allows Vented or Ventless Installation

✓ Stable and Powerful 450 Max CFM

✓ Dishwasher-Safe Stainless Steel Baffle Filters

✓ Removable Long Oil Tunnel for Easy Cleaning

✓ Ideal for Low & High Ceiling With Chimney Extension

✓ Optional LED 2-Level Changeable Brightness

✓ 3% spare parts free

✓ 5-year warranty for motor

✓ Delivery within 30 days1)

  • 3% spare parts free

    3% spare parts free

  •   5-year warranty for motor

    5-year warranty for motor

  • Delivery within 30 days

    Delivery within 30 days

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This wall mount glass canopy hood finished by gorgeous stainless steel and tempered glass canopy, looks elegant and contemporary. Paired with 4-speed touch screen switch panel which offers voice and geasture control effortlessly adds a technology touch to your kitchen. The voice control is simply just use your vocie, NO NEED to download any Apps and even no need to take your phone or anyother devices. You will love the way this smart vent hood immediately upgrades your kitchen life.


Voice & Gesture Control Makes Your Kitchen Smart

Andy is the chief leading role in the smart kitchen life, which was built in the switch control system. WITHOUT your phone or any other devices, speak to your range hood, Andy will perform all the actions for you!
Gesture control is another smart innovation for this elegant glass chimney hood, you can adjust the fan speed just wave your hand without touch.


Voice Control For Hands Free Operation

To enjoy your cooking time and make it comfortable, Andy is riht here waiting for you with our classic glass chimney hood! NO NEED to download any Apps, NO NEED your phone or anyother devices. Simply speak to Andy just use your voice, Andy will perform all the settings for you.

4-Speed Soft Touch Control With Delay Shutoff

This smart kitchen hood equipped with 4-speed switch control, help you tackle a variety of venting jobs. Large touch screen and display offers visual confirmation of your ventilation selections. With the delay shutdown fuction, the curved glass canopy hood will turn off automaticly based on the duration you request.

Adjust The Fan Speed Just Wave Your Hand

You may be impressed that sometimes it's really the time to switch on the range hood or adjust the kitchen exhaust fan speed, but it's not the time for your hands! WITHOUT touch with the switch panel, you can also operate the range hood speed just wave your hand.











Stainless Steel & Tempered Glass

Blower Type:

900 CFM (4 - speed)


156W / 2A, 110-120V / 60Hz


4 - Speed Soft Touch Control With LED Display

Duct Transition

6'' Round Top

Installation Type:

Ducted or Ductless

**Grease Filter Option:

2 Dishwasher-Safe, Professional Stainless Steel Baffle Filter

2 Dishwasher-Safe, Classic Stainless Steel Baffle Filter

**Illumination Option:

3W *2 LED Soft Natural Light

3W *2 LED Bright White Light

2 - Level Brightness LED 3W *2

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